Zachary Levenson

img_5978-1-copyZachary studies the politics of urban dispossession in post-apartheid South Africa. A sociologist by training, his current project – The Post-Apartheid State: The Politics of Housing in South Africa –  investigates how city governments decide when to evict mass squatter encampments, and conversely, when to tolerate them. He combines comparative ethnography with archival research, interviews, and discourse analysis to explore urban change and the politics of community formation in post-apartheid Cape Town.

He is currently a Social Science Matrix Dissertation Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley and the Herbert Blumer Fellow for Excellence in Teaching in the Department of Sociology. Zachary’s teaching interests include the historical sociology of urban planning in the global South, social theories of exclusion, informal urbanization, ethnographic methods, and the role of the state in racialization.

His is currently completing his  Ph.D. in UC Berkeley’s Department of Sociology, finishing this May. Before making a qualitative turn for his South Africa research, Zachary worked as a biostatistician at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Hiroshima, Japan.

For more on Zachary’s research, please visit his website.